Sleeping animals

How much do animals sleep?

We may be different sizes, shapes and species — but one thing unites mammals, birds and reptiles: we all need sleep.

But how much do animals sleep? The amount of downtime they each need varies, from hardly resting at all to snoozing most of the day away.

So from bats to giraffes, here are the typical sleep needs for more than 30 different animals — including humans.

Sleeping pigs and piglets
Picture by twenty20photos/Envato
How much do animals sleep? Average sleep needs

Check out the table below listing 30+ different types of creatures, along with how much sleep each needs.

The number shown is of the average total sleep time in hours per day, based on data provided by the Office of Science Education Home, National Institutes of Health.

Animal/species Hours
brown bat 19.9
python 18.0
owl monkey 17.0
human infant 16.0
tiger 15.8
squirrel 14.9
golden hamster 14.3
lion 13.5
gerbil 13.1
rat 12.6
cat 12.1
mouse 12.1
rabbit 11.4
jaguar 10.8
duck 10.8
dog 10.6
bottle-nosed dolphin 10.4
baboon 10.3
chimpanzee 9.7
guinea pig 9.4
human adolescent 9.0
human adult 8.0
pig 7.8
gray seal 6.2
goat 5.3
cow 3.9
sheep 3.8
elephant 3.5
donkey 3.1
horse 2.9
giraffe 1.9

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