How do you fold fitted sheets?

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Folded sheets always just end up balled up in my linen closet and look all wrinkly when I put them on the bed. I can handle most of the laundry, but how in the world can I neatly fold a fitted sheet? Someone must know!

  1. Simple answer

    I don’t.

    Less simple answer

    Okay okay, that isn’t very helpful, is it. Fitted sheets are the most annoying thing on the planet to fold in the history of ever. Most of us try, get one or two folds in, sigh, roll the thing into a ball, and shove it in the closet. Of course, that leads to wrinkles, takes up more space, and — quite honestly — leads to feelings of inadequacy that we were bested in a battle of wills by a piece of fabric.

    Relax. We can help.

    As easy as 1,2,3… 4… well, easy

    First, you need to do some laundry, because this works best with the sheet fresh out of the dryer. This also helps you avoid wrinkles. Take the sheet and hold it up so the long side is across your body. Usually the long side is one of the sides where the elastic doesn’t run from corner to corner. Find the very corner of the corners, where the sheet is stitched together and stick your fingertips in there (Fig. 1).

    Next, bring the two corners together, keeping your fingertips inside them, as shown in Fig. 2.

    Flip one corner up over the other and center the point of the corner inside the point of the other corner (Fig. 3).

    You should now have one neatly folded bit as seen in Fig. 4.

    Lay the sheet down on a flat surface and arrange the corner you just created as seen in Fig. 5. Now repeat steps 1-5 with the remaining two corners.

    Once you’ve done that, fold in half as seen in Fig. 6.

    Fold in half again (Fig. 7) and then one more time (Fig. 8).

    Take the left and right sides, and fold in to the middle as seen in Fig. 9. It’s not going to be perfect, that’s fine. I’m not Martha Stewart and if you’re reading this for help, neither are you. Smooth out the bumps and bulges as best you can.

    Finally, at the point where the two ends meet in the middle from the previous step, fold in half again. Voila, a nicely folded fitted sheet that fits in your linen closet and doesn’t look like you just balled it up and shoved it in there.

    Now, about those towels that look so messy…

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