Fashionable bike helmets

Where can you find fashionable bike helmets?

If you and/or your kids want to be safe while cycling, but want something that looks more stylish than boring, basic head gear, check out these cool and fashionable bike helmets.


First, take a look at the Yakkay helmets — essentially a hat/helmet combo that works together without somehow looking like you have an alien skull, like the one on the upper left above. Their slogan: “Want a new look? Don’t change your helmet, just change the cover.”

These Danish helmets aren’t yet widely available in the US, nor are they cheap. But if you’re looking for something safe that will make you feel fashionable — not just un-dorky — they are definitely worth checking out.

Fashionable bike helmets with funky flair

You also have to check out Nutcase Helmets. Their designs may not all be subtle, but they are cool. Two of our favorites are shown above: the Watermelon and Robot designs.

These bicycle helmets feature vented ABS shells, insertable liners, and a magnetic buckle so you can put them and take them off with just one hand.

For the wee folk…

We just got word about a new (and very fun) helmet for kids: Raskullz. These helmets feature characters like bugs, rabbits, horses and gorillas — each one with 3-D elements made of soft, rubber-based material. We’ve featured three designs above: the cat, shark and a Mohawk zebra pattern.

The end result is a bike helmet that a lot of kids will actually want to wear. See them and find out more at

Other stylish, fashionable bike helmets

For some subtle and pretty designs (geared toward women and kids), you need to take a look at these Japanese-designed Sawako Furuno helmets. One is included at the top of the page, on the lower left.

Then, if you’re looking for something completely different, you have to take a look at the amazing Hovding instant inflatable helmet. It’s an airbag-style head protection that you wear around your neck. It senses if you’re in a bike crash and automatically inflates to completely protect your noggin.

Always wear protection

But the very bottom line: Don’t let anyone’s opinion of your helmet style keep you from wearing one. It’s important safety equipment, and not a fashion statement.

If you think about it, you probably know someone whose life has been saved by this little bit of gear. Or maybe you’re like us, and used to know someone who should have worn a helmet, but didn’t.

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